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Do you realize that each day that we awake to the opportunity to know the one true and living God? He is only a prayer away and even though he is not visibly seen to us, it is by faith in him and what is said in his Holy Word (the "Bible")that we reach out.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Do you feel like God doesn't care about you?

Are you in a difficult situation? Do you feel that God doesn't care? Are you devastated? Those thoughts are probably real but they will torment you and keep you discouraged. Those thoughts are from your greatest enemy, Satan. Trust me I know, I have experienced them and you aren't alone in your feelings. Devastation...yeah I can relate.

There was one particular season or time in my life that I felt like such a failure. I was going through a divorce and I felt so beat down and had so many questions in my mind. Questions like, "What could I have done differently". "Will I ever heal from this hurt".

Most of us have gone through times where our enemy Satan has told us that 'we were at fault' and he 'beat us up' with all our failures. This one time he had hammered into my mind the negative thoughts like, 'you could have done this', or 'thought you were a Christian, do Christians act like you?' Lies, lies and more lies. One of his best lies is when he tells us that, 'God doesn't love you'...he isn't going to help you or change your situation'.  Has he told you that one? Jesus said he (Satan) was is the father of lies and can't tell the truth.

Let me share with you what the outcome was of this particular trial that I was going through.The time and place where the Lord gave me the victory I shall never forget.

I was part of a prayer team that met before each service to pray for the pastor and pray for the anointing upon the service. Even though I was struggling with defeat myself, it didn't stop me for praying for needs of others.

Sometimes I like to pray setting in a chair and this particular time I was setting while others were standing or kneeling in prayer. Yes I was feeling beaten down and in almost despair. Setting with my head bent down and resting upon my hands, (mainly going through the motions) as I didn't feel any victory something almost supernatural happened. It was like such a peace came over me and all of a sudden the old hymn, 'Someone to care, someone to share all your troubles like no other will do came so strong in my mind. God gave me a song! One of the verses say, "he'll come down from the sky, brush the tears from your eyes, your his child and he cares for you". Oh the tears were falling like streams of warm water down my face. I felt that wonderful peace that the Holy Spirit brings. I began to sang the song out loud.

No words can describe the love of God, even though we writers try to describe it, but until you experience it you only read other's 'words'. At the singing of that song it was like a floodgate had opened and the tears of joy were rushing out of me.

The song was coming out of my mouth as I lifted my hands towards Heaven and gave praise to my God - my Lord for his delivering power. He set me free from the guilt and condemnation that my enemy had so deeply placed in my mind. Jesus set me free by letting me feel his love and his presence and it came through a song.

This happened over 15 years ago and it was one of those 'moments' in my life that I will never, ever forget. In the Bible it says that 'he (the Holy Spirit) will give us perfect peace when our mind is stayed upon him'.

Do you need a moment to experience a touch of God's love and his peace? Are you experiencing guilt and condemnation from your enemy? I want to encourage you today and I want to tell you that he is mindful of you. I pray that you realize he is 'someone to care, someone to share, all your troubles like no other can do, he'll come down from the sky, brush the tears from your eyes, your HIS child and he cares for you.

Today you will feel his love, today you will feel his presence, he gave me these words for you today....HE, the Lord and Saviour of this world wants you to know that he loves you.

This is my prayer and thought for today. For those of you who can, do a search on youtube for the song, 'Someone to care' and let it minister to you today.

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