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Do you realize that each day that we awake to the opportunity to know the one true and living God? He is only a prayer away and even though he is not visibly seen to us, it is by faith in him and what is said in his Holy Word (the "Bible")that we reach out.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Welcome Mat

Recently I moved into a new place and while carrying things in the front door I couldn't help to notice the very worn 'welcome' door mat in front of the door. I continued to carry the things in and walked over it many times but each time I noticed just how worn it was.

Sometimes I think we ask God in prayer for forgiveness for our sins or weaknesses and we feel that just like the worn welcome mat, that we might wear out our welcome with him. Can I tell you that is so far from the truth! He is a God of grace and mercy, he is a God that even though he knows ours sins and shortcomings, he welcomes our talks and his grace and mercy can cover anything that we mess up.

Don't stop asking God for your miracle; don't stop asking God to help you in your situation! You must ask or the Bible would not have said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find". What do you need from your Heavenly Father? Healing, financial help, help with your children, help overcoming a weakness or sin? Whatever it is DON'T feel that you have worn out your welcome, you haven't. Do those of you who are parents, when you child comes to visit do you wish that you weren't home or does it do your heart good to see them? Of course it does your heart good. How much more does your Heavenly Father welcome your communication with him.

I bought a new door mat for appearance sake but I kept the old one and put on the back porch just to remind me. Now I can wear out the new one and associate it with talking to my Heavenly Father...I am not going to wear out my welcome with him ever!!!

This is my prayer and thought for today.

Have a blessed day and know that you are loved and more than a conqueror.

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