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Do you realize that each day that we awake to the opportunity to know the one true and living God? He is only a prayer away and even though he is not visibly seen to us, it is by faith in him and what is said in his Holy Word (the "Bible")that we reach out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lord I'm so tired.....

Many times in our natural and spiritual life we experience being tired. What do we do when we are tired? Did you ever allow God inspire you through your 'tiredness'? Does he, if we allow him to, nudge us to get his Word and read it, or does he nudge us to pray to him until we have that renewed strength? Was what the children of Israel experienced in the wilderness during those 40 years similiar to what the enemy tries to put on us? I think it was much more than that.

The Bible tells us that they complained so much that the ground opened up and swallowed thousands of them? Now I know we are under the 'new covenant' and God sees and honors the 'Blood line' that we receive once we accept Jesus as our savior and this isn't something that will happen to us, but what and why did those people complain so much that God let the earth open to kill them?

Let me imagine if you will how it might have been since scripture doesn't elaborate on what happened. When they left Egypt, they had finances-the gold and jewels of their former masters, they were set free from bondage. They had everything they needed for the journey; their clothes or shoes never wore out, their donkeys of burden were fed and watered, they were going to a promise land that their leader told them about....but, they never entered into a rest during the journey. They wouldn't believe God, maybe at first they did but after a while the journey became long and wearisome and the old or former life that they had in Egypt began to not seem so bad and began to look back and thus began their mumblings and complainings and their seeking the former ways of bondage. Imagine the years of walking this faith journey and how the murmoring started. Just as Satan said to Eve, he might have said to them, "Do you REALLY believe that God is taking you to the Promise Land....why it's probably a lie, look you have already been wondering around here for all these years and what to you have to show for it? Have you seen any sight of a promise land"? I know scripture doesn't say this but don't you think it was possible that these conversations happened?

Satan didn't know God's plan, he just knew that one day there was a Messiah coming who would 'bruise his head' as the God the Father told him in the very beginning. He had to convince the people that God didn't care about them and he was lying, not true to his Word. Isn't that that what he tells us Christians today? Satan stirred their confusion and unrest just as he tries today to God's children. The end result was that only Caleb and Joshua went into the promised land because they were the only one of millons who believed God and didn't doubt their promise.

Let's not doubt God's Word to us, let's not doubt his promises....let's not get weary in well doing for the Bible tells us that if we don't faint (give up) we will see the promises that he made to us come to pass.

We get physically tired, we are human but let's not get spiritually tired and allow the enemy to make us doubt God's Word and his Promises to us!
"Revive us oh Lord, Revive us!"

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

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