Daily Guidance

Do you realize that each day that we awake to the opportunity to know the one true and living God? He is only a prayer away and even though he is not visibly seen to us, it is by faith in him and what is said in his Holy Word (the "Bible")that we reach out.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Mother and Her Son

A son, what a blessing he is to his mom.   

When sons are small they absolutely win a mothers heart. You walk along beside them and their little hands grab yours as you walk, they love and trust you. They love it when you cook their favorite food or bake them cookies…. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about these times that I experienced when my sons were small. During these precious times they are totally trusting you and their little hearts are so in love with you and where you lead them. Oh you learn very fast what they like and don’t like. You learn what are their favorite foods and games and you know their first little girlfriend’s name. They share all their secrets with you because they trust you with everything. 

Today I am imagining what it was like for Mary the mother of Jesus as he was growing up and then what it was like when he grew into a man and died on the cross of Calvary. 

I can look back on the lives of my sons as they grew from birth to manhood. Those memories are forever sealed in my mind and heart. Mary had very special moments with her son Jesus even though they aren’t recorded for us to read, they were a reality. 

Let me imagine if you will how it could have been with Mary and Jesus.  

The Bible doesn’t reveal much about Jesus as a small child, there is a reference to when he was twelve years of age.  

Mary knew that one day Jesus would give his life. I have to wonder about those talks she and Jesus had regarding his death. The pain had to be almost unbearable knowing it would happen by the way of a cross. The Bible records the incident when Gabriel the Archangel came to visit Mary and what he told her that she would conceive and bear a son. Could there possibly have been more visits? Could it be possible that as Jesus grew Gabriel visited her to encourage her and guide her? I want to think, ‘yes’ to those possibilities. 

Town people talk we know that they do. They probably spoke of Mary in a very negative way. They counted the months and it was sure that Jesus was conceived before Mary and Joseph was married.

What whispering and gossip must have been spread around by the vicious people. 

As Jesus turned thirty years of age, his ministry began. Mary probably realized then that it wouldn’t be long before he would have to give his life. What were their talks about  then? I wonder if his half brothers and sisters knew of his future? More than likely he assured his mother that he would die but he would come back from the grave. 

The next three years went by quickly.  

Next we find Mary at the cross. She knew her son Jesus was truly the Son of God, no one and no words could convince her otherwise. She knew she was a virgin and had not known a man and Jesus birth was miraculous. He was the Son of the Most High God. 

When she stood and gazed at the cross many of the conversations that she had with Jesus throughout his lifetime came back to her. As she starred at her son, who’s image was so marred that he was not recognizable, she imagined Jesus when he was her little boy. He truly loved her with all his heart. She relived them walking and skipping along a path and Jesus maybe singing a song, her tears flowed as the memories continued. 

She remembered when she saw Jesus learning to be a carpenter with Joseph and the times he hit his finger with the hammer and no, he never uttered a curse word. She was there many times when her son stunned the religious leaders at the synagogue with his wisdom of the Torah. Do you think Jesus told her what it was like to form Heaven and the galaxies of the world? Do you think he told her what it was like in the Garden of Eden? I wonder if he told her much about Satan and his evil ways? 

Yes as Mary gazed at her son she truly knew that he would come back and be the savior of mankind. Did that help the pain? There was no doubt that it was torture to see your son beaten and hung on a cross to die. It’s something no other mother has ever had to experience. Jesus could have told her that he would see her in three days, the scriptures don’t reveal that conversation. But as her earthly son, his love for her would have led him to assure her that he would be back. We know he rose from that grave in three days and is alive forever more. 

Mary was chosen of God the Father to bear HIS son. She was so very special. 

If possible when I make it to Heaven, I would like to ask Mary about what it was like raising Jesus. But maybe not, maybe it won’t matter then.  

I want to tell all the mothers that read this. Whether you have a son or daughter, don’t give up on them. A mother is the bridge between Heaven and Hell for your children, even if they are adults. Pray for them. Touch God for them with your love, words and actions. You can pray and move the mountains in their lives, believe me I know.  

Today I pray for you and with you for your children and grandchildren and even great grandchildren. I believe being a mother is such a high calling from God. His grace will be there for you in your time of trouble and heartache. Always have that hope regardless of how the circumstances look.



Monday, May 9, 2016

The Brown Leaf

Just imagine a green, lush, fully bloomed large tree and then imagine its leaves are blowing to a brisk wind gust. Then imagine as you gaze upon the wonder of the tree that your spot one or maybe two brown leaves.

Brown leaves! How is that possible on this gorgeous tree?

Looking at that beautiful tree you can wonder, where did those brown leaves comes from and why are they there, they certainly are noticeable and I don't like them.

Let me compare the tree to a person, maybe the person is your spouse or your parent or your best friend or even a sibling. The tree represents someone that you care about.

Everyone, and I mean everyone has brown leaves! There may be a few or several but we as humans have them. How do you handle them when you recognize they are there?

Let's think about that for a minute.

Maybe you realize that the 'other' person isn't at all what you expected when you married them. Or maybe the flaws were there but the newness of the relationship overshadowed them. Those brown leaves can even be someone else that you care deeply about and as you have gotten closer to them their shortcomings are more obvious.

What do you do about the brown leaves?

The brown leaves might be two or three compared to the thousands of green leaves on that tree.
Most of the time the few brown leaves will become less obvious if you stop starring at them or trying to spot them on that massive tree.

If you are in a situation and the other person's brown leaves are becoming very noticeable to you, then I want you to stop for a moment. Look at the other leaves that are green and lush.  Let them present the good qualities the other person has. You can overcome the difficulty the brown leaves present if you are willing to try and maybe it will take several tries but just be willing.

When the brown leaves are dominant at times, then with everything in you, pray and ask God to help you see the good and not the bad. The old saying, 'the good outweighs the bad' will prevail. We all have those brown leaves, even you! A relationship that is successful will grow when the acceptance of working together to overcome any obstacle prevails.

A relationship (especially marriage) is built on a covenant not a contract. A contract has language built in it to 'terminate' but a covenant doesn't have an 'out' clause.

I pray today that if you are having problems in a relationship that you pray and ask God to help both of you see the good, green leaves and not the bad, brown leaves. He will you know! Don't give up on something that is worth fighting for.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Darkness? Have you lost happiness?

In Psalms 77 the Psalmsist Asaph was writing about crying out to God. If you read the first verse it goes like this: "I cried out to God with my voice-to God with my voice". I read it a couple of times before it dawned on me that he repeated 'to God with my voice' twice. Why? Why did he say it twice? Was he letting us know that some things need to be said outloud? Are there things that we need to say or sing with our voice?

A few verses down he said, "I call to remembrance my song in the night" and this is the verse that got my attention. Last night was one of those restless nights when I felt that there was a strong need for me to pray. Have you had those type of nights? You toss and turn until you get awake enough to know that God is trying to get your attention, that was me last night.

I begin to pray even though I felt half asleep... I know that it doesn't matter if I am fully awake, I pray in the state or frame of being that I am and usually in a short time I will be fully awake. The Holy Spirit is patient and he knows what we need or what someone close to us needs. Yes I begin to pray and seek God for what he was troubling me about. Now I use the word 'troubling' only to describe the way I recognize that there is a need and by me being obedient, God was going to move either for me or the person I was praying for. I don't always know who or what, sometimes I think we only need to be obedient to pray.

Did the Psalmist mean in this chapter that by calling to remembrance his song in the night, he would find comfort? I believe so. When I went through dark times, I had to with my voice sing songs of remembrance. I had to with my voice sing, 'the God on the mountain is the God of the valley', I had to sing...'through it all, through it all..I learned to trust in Jesus, I learned to trust in God, I had to sing, 'where he leads me I will follow, I will follow all the way, I had to sing, 'Just as I am, without one plea but that his blood was shed for me'. Do you have a song of remembrance? Has your voice cried out in distress to your God..."I can't do this alone" and the second those words left your mouth your felt the Lord answer you with a word or a song? Oh I have, so many times.

Our voice is so important to find peace and comfort from our Heavenly Father, the God of the universe who loves us beyond our comprehension. The next time you can't sleep or the next time you are troubled, I want you to sing with your voice a song in the night just as the Psalmist did. He went in his writing to say that 'he will remember the works of the Lord' and he 'would talk of his deeds' and he said, 'who is so great a God as our God, you are the God who does wonders'. Keep these words that he spoke, add them to your own words and know that if you are awaken or troubled, with your own voice speak words of victory, speak words of praise, sing a song that brings healing and comfort.

I pray for you today, I pray that the song of remembrance so resinates in your being that it almost becomes alive and a part of you and you remember it forever!
This is my prayer and thought for today.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Alzheimer's, prevention with scripture.

Are you concerned or fearful of developing Alzheimer's or dementia? In prayer the Holy Spirit gave me this to write concerning a verse in Psalms 23 which reads, The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside the still waters, he RESTORETH my soul. Now there is more great promises in that chapter but I want to stop with that verse.

Before writing this I wanted to see what a few commentaries had to say about the verse, ‘he restoreth my soul’; I want to build my faith in this area. The writer (Barnes) used the words, ‘he causes my life to return’. Wow, powerful and encouraging words to anyone that is getting older. A scripture in Isiah says that he will renew our strength like an eagle and in Ephesians 4:23, the verse says for us to be ‘renewed in the spirit of our mind’.


With all the onslaught of opinions, documentaries and commentaries on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, the fear of getting older has started to plague many (especially if you are nearing the age of 50). I felt the need to write words of encouragement pertaining to our mind and what fears we face as we get older.


When I hear someone joke that they are getting Alzheimer’s I almost literally cringe. I want to tell them that they shouldn’t even allow those words to come out of their mouth.  


Thinking about the night time and darkness; the person with full blown Alzheimer’s and/or dementia gets to a point where there is nothing to look forward to, a day is a day that doesn’t bring happiness even if the sun is shining and the blue skies are in abundance, no… another day is just that, another day of mental torture. A night only means pills to make you sleep and possibly dream a mirage of mind confusing moments.


Is there hope? As a Christian do you have the promise that the scripture is true?


Let’s look back at the commentary again.


He restoreth my soul - literally, "He causes my life to return."  "He quickens me," or causes me to live. The word ‘soul’ here means life, or spirit. It refers to the spirit when exhausted, weary, or sad; and the meaning is, that God quickens or vivifies the spirit when thus exhausted. The reference is not to the soul as wandering or backsliding from God, but to the life or spirit as exhausted, wearied, troubled, anxious, worn down with care and toil. The heart, thus exhausted, He re-animates. He brings back its vigor. He encourages it; excites it to new effort; fills it with new joy. (Barnes)


When we read the inspired words that are contained in the Bible and they have promises that we are entitled to, well my friend I don’t know about you but I am seizing those words as if they were written directly to me!


Restores my soul (the mind, will and emotions). So through the power of God the Holy Spirit my mind will be restored IF I believe these scriptures. Impossible you think?


With the logic of man it’s impossible but not with God!


I firmly believe that we are living in the last days as spoken in many verses of the Bible. So many plagues and wars and rumors of wars that are in abundance throughout the world. Christians are being killed, dying martyrs for their faith. It’s very similar to certain times of bondage that the children of Israel encountered and were delivered from. Many Christians are truly worn down with cares and toils and so many troubles and heartaches and these have tremendous effects on their minds.


Can I explain why people and especially Christians suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia?  No I can’t. Do I believe God’s word is personable and that he will ‘renew my mind’ and ‘restore to me the joy of my salvation’? Yes or I wouldn’t be writing this for you to read.


What can you do? Here’s what I feel is the greatest hope; hold to the scriptures of Psalms 23, all of them but especially the one, ‘he restores my soul’. You should say them out loud. I plan on writing them down and putting them in a place where I see them, they are ever before me. I plan on praying and casting down thoughts of fear and not letting them live in my mind. My plan is like an offensive one like of a sports team. I am making the plays and scores before the attack would come. I am finding the scriptures that pertain to my mind and my joy! Those will be my defense to the enemy’s taunts and lies.


Please don’t let fear take hold of you! Cling to the scripture in the Bible and all of God’s promises to you. I will be praying for you! God WILL restore your soul.


I leave you with this scripture from Isiah 40: 31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.



Monday, February 22, 2016



The seed of FEAR and it's torment plagues so many of humanity and yes, so many Christians.

What opens the door and is there hope to combat it? YES, YES and YES again!!!

If you want to read something interesting, then I suggest you start with Genesis chapter 3, verses 9 and 10. What you will find is the part of the Bible where Adam and Eve realized that they were naked after yielding to Satan's (Lucifer) temptation and lies.

And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?
10 And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.

Notice this: the first words recorded spoken by Adam where that Eve was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh and that man should leave his parents and cleave to his wife. The next words spoken were after they took of the forbidden fruit and their soul and flesh were awakened, he HID from God and then said to God, "I was afraid......".

There you have it. The first recorded words about fear, Adam said I was AFRAID. The seed of Satan was planted, the seed of fear was alive and thousands of years later you and I and so many others fight the torment of fear.

We fear the loss of our health, we fear loss of our finances, we fear loss of our loved ones, we fear divorce, we fear death, we fear....we fear and we fear!

What is the solution you ask, is there hope you ask?? YES there is.

The scripture I started off with is a seed of faith against the seed of fear and it is stronger and can defeat the fear. "I sought the Lord....who sought the Lord? YOU will need to seek the Lord in prayer and reading the Bible and searching the scriptures that deal with fear. Next, ‘he heard me’….you cannot let doubt or condemnation make you believe that God didn’t hear your prayers he did and as long as you ask in the name of Jesus he heard you. Next, ‘he delivered me’…oh yes...deliverance from fear! I have been delivered from fear so many times… what freedom it is to be set free of fear. Next…and last is that God delivers me from ALL of my fears. Not a few or some of them, but ALL of them.

Seeds grow if they are watered….fear is a seed. Imagine a weed. You cannot find its’ seed but it will spring up almost anywhere that there is soil.  If that seed isn’t plucked out or pulled out it will grow and overtake the garden or a field. When a thought or worry that is fearful comes to you then that is when you say, out loud the scripture I just gave you and that fear has to die. You cannot give it life you must speak to it the word of God which will kill the fear.

Stand against the voice of fear! Stand against its’ torment. Stand on the Word of God. Ask someone to pray with you if you don’t feel you can fight it alone. I am already praying for whoever reads this that you will find deliverance from the fear you are facing. I know God’s word is powerful and has the answer to all your needs.

Know that God the Father loves you and sent Jesus his son to bring salvation to everyone, that everyone includes you! I want you to be free of fear and you can be.


Monday, December 14, 2015

I know that voice, do you?

Did you ever think about the way God made voices to be so very different in sound, some loud, some squeaky or high pitched but yet they can blend in a choir and sound so good??

I think about my son's voices, I could pick them out in a massive crowd above all the other voices if I heard them speak. If you are a parent I am sure you relate to what I am saying. We know our kids voice and they know ours.

Jesus said in the Bible, 'my sheep know my voice and another they will not follow'. Now of course he wasn't referring to a 'human' voice but the voice that a 'born again' Christian believer hears. You know that still small voice inside you that isn't audible but it can be described as a 'feeling' or 'unction'.

These last days (and yes I believe we are living in the last days as the Bible tells us about), are full of trouble on every hand. Families fighting each other, world wide hunger, floods, earthquakes, fires, wars and refugees invading countries; times like never before.

Are you scared? Are you full of anxiety? Do you fear what the next year will bring?

I find myself getting caught up in lies and half-truths the media broadcast almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and then comes the anxiety! Why do I put myself through this? Well I'm changing that part of my life.

The remedy for me and you???? Know 'HIS' voice and another do not follow. How do you learn his voice?

You learn his voice through prayer and reading the Bible. Yes that sounds like a cliché to some of you but its the truth. You can know his voice. His voice will lead and guide you into all truths. You can trust his voice because he is as a shepherd and we as his sheep. Just as the 23rd Psalms says, 'he will lead us beside the still water', he will 'deliver us from evil', he is 'our shepherd' he will 'make you to lie down in green pastures', he will 'restore your soul'.

If you don't know his voice then I invite you to ask him to come into your life; ask him to forgive your sins; ask him to dwell with you and most of all, ask him to so make his voice real to you that you know where he is leading and guiding you!

My prayer for you today is genuine and sincere. I know Jesus loves you and you can rest in his love and not be anxious no matter what happens in this country or any other country. Read the Bible, read the 91st Psalms and know that he will protect you and make a way for you. Jesus loves you!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Salute to all Veterans

The Veteran

There is a southern gospel song who’s words go like this: ‘If I surveyed all the good things that comes to me from above if I counted my blessings from the store house of love I simply ask for a favor of Him beyond mortal man and I know he will grant it again. I want to stroll over Heaven with you some sweet day, when all our trials and heartaches have truly vanished away and we’ll enjoy all the beauty where all things are new. I want to stroll over Heaven with you’.
This weekend I had the privilege of volunteering at the mobile Vietnam Veterans wall aiding (with the help of a computer) the search of names to see where the deceased soldier’s name was located on the vast wall. The names are in the chronological order from the first casualty to the last.

The emotion that I and others who helped was more than words could say. To hear grown men cry when they located the name of their soldier, well I will let you imagine the overwhelming feeling it gave. To hear those sobs and see some of them drop to their knees with tears flowing from their eyes, anyone with a heart would sense their hurt.

One older man came to ask for help with a name. When the volunteer found the soldier and the location the elderly man with a cane asked him if he would take him to the part of the wall where the name was located because his vision wasn’t good enough for him to read the small print. The volunteer was more than happy to help him as he was a Veteran too.

When they arrived at the wall the elderly man fell to his knees, crying uncontrollably. The volunteer asked him if he was alright. Through the deep cries the volunteer heard these words, “This is my son….I didn’t get to go to his  funeral service, but at least now I can look upon his name on this wall and say my 'good bye and thank him”.

For those who lost a family member, a spouse or a friend in any war I want to bring you hope that one day you will be able to stroll over Heaven with them.  If you have been born again then you are a child of God then you are assured that one day you will go to Heaven that is a promise in the Bible. Jesus told us that he was going to prepare a place for us. He said in his Father’s house were many mansions. The Bible is full of promises about eternal life.

If you are a Veteran then know that we as Americans are so proud of you and so thankful to you for your service. I can’t even imagine what fear one must endure when they are in a battle and the bullets and bombs are going off all around you. I can’t imagine the fear and hurt when you witnessed a buddy get killed or severally injured….no words that is in my vocabulary have the ability to describe what that must feel like. All I can say is ‘thanks’.

Many of you veterans that are maimed in body, soul and mind I want to give you hope. I want to tell you that one day you will be whole again. I want to promise you that when you get to Heaven you will stroll with Jesus and the Angels.  I want you to know that the Hell you went through protecting the America that you love will be turned to your good and you will be rewarded because your trial and your heartache will truly vanish away. You will enjoy the beauty where all things are new and all of us Christians will stroll over Heaven with you.

As you read this please know that I am praying for you. Please know that Jesus loves you and has gone to Heaven to prepare a place for you. No more hurt, pain, disappointments, heartaches, wars…can you imagine what it will be like? Ask Jesus into your heart and ask him to forgive you of all your sins and he will and you will stroll over Heaven one day with all believers. Thank you Veteran, with all my heart I thank you!